At IPM, we create Soul-Stirring Home Entertainment in a beautiful, comfortable personal space, in your own home to shake up your movie or sports viewing experience with a splendor home theater.


We focus on the room design, taking into account your room shape and size, viewing distance, seating positions and ambient light. Speakers, amplifiers and all components are carefully selected to suit your room characteristics; the end result is a distinguished experience.

The construction design and typical scope of work includes:

  • Seating Riser/Steps
  • Screen Mount Framework
  • Equipment Storage/ Cabinets
  • Front Stage Speaker Baffle Walls
  • Projector/ Screens, Lighting, Carpeting, Painting and Curtains
  • Sound Isolation Walls And Acoustic Panels, Doors and Ceiling Drywall Bulkheads


Determining the speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers to enable the theater to perform at cinema sound pressure levels (SPLs).


Selecting the projector or TV to provide appropriate image brightness and contrast for varying theater usages.


Specifying the number acoustic panels, type, and location to meet targets for sound decay and frequency response.


We supply and install the audio/ video equipment and acoustic treatment, performing construction such as baffle and dry walls.

We are always available to answer questions or provide a budgetary quote when needed.

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Our commitment is to deliver the best solutions, the best customer service, professionally executed at a reasonable price. – Giving you Peace of Mind.

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