I’m very sure you will want to reduce your organizations electricity bills by 90% or more.

A typical bank for example uses about 90% of the day’s electricity consumption between 8AM and 6PM.

Inteli Project Management introduces Grid-Tie Solar Systems that will save you 90% or more- right now! Regardless the number of equipment or air conditioners in your company or industry. This is a quantum leap in the Solar Technology.

So if you pay GHC 10,000 monthly, you will begin to pay GHC 1,000 on electricity bills after implementing our Grid-Tie Solar System.

  • Grid-tied solar systems takes on heavy kilo-watt of consumption loads, regardless of company size and equipment.
  • Grid-tied solar systems are generally cheaper and simpler to install.
  • Grid-tied systems does not require batteries which are usually expensive.
  • Since there are no batteries, maintenance cost is kept at a minimum.
  • Clean renewable solar energy. No greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions

Our project office delivers cost effective and efficient solar power solutions at a lower cost than the status quo. We provide you with;

  • 3 Years warranty
  • Flexible payment terms


  • Grid-Tie Solar System for Industries, Factories & Corporate Offices
  • Residential Solar Power Backup System
  • Solar Water Pumping System for irrigation and farming
  • Solar Water Heaters for homes and hotels
  • Energy Saving Lamps


Corporate Office Buildings, Banks, Schools and Universities, Agriculture/ Irrigation, Houses of Worship, Hotels & Resorts, Shopping Malls, Warehouses, Hospitals, Factories , Bottle & Sachet Water Producers, Community Water Supply – Solar Water Pumping Systems

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